Saturday, December 29, 2012

The shoes.

Is it ridiculous that I've probably thought more about my shoes than I have my dress? I decided when I went dress shopping that I would not really go in with a specific dress in mind. I knew that once I started trying them on, the right one would find me, and it may or may not be what I pictured or had in mind at all.

But not with the shoes. I knew I wanted something fun and pretty and special. I was thinking about doing some sort of ruby red slipper as a play on The Wizard of Oz and my namesake, but red isn't really my thing. I also thought it'd be fun to have that pretty red sole, but I have a love/hate relationship with Christian Louboutin. On my search for the perfect shoe I stumbled across this beauty: 

Absolutely perfect. Perfect sparkle, perfect color, perfect height. Not-so-perfect price. I love me some Jimmy Choo, and if you have ever tried any on, you will understand what there is to love. They are so delicate, beautiful, comfortable, lovely, well-made, gorgeous, rich...I could go on and on. They are also so so expensive. I only own two pairs: one which I purchased when I worked at Nordstrom during a very good sale and with a very good discount, the other which I purchased when I was single and working in New York as a buyer and could afford to do so. So I pinned these lovelies to Pinterest and went on my way. There was no way I could afford a $525 pair of shoes when I am already trying to plan this wedding on a budget. 

Earlier this month while I was having my hair done by my friend and wonderful hairstylist, Kate, I was showing her the shoes I so coveted. Then I saw it, right there on my phone. They were on sale. 

When I got home, I looked them up on the computer, and it was true. They really were on sale! Not only that, there was only one pair left in my size! It was fate.

I am now bringing these babies with me when I go buy my dress on Wednesday. Can't wait.

the Bride


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