Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My favorite blogs.

Oh blogging. I am so bad at it. :) Actually, I'm just inconsistent. Anyway. Here are a few of my favorite blogs (in no particular order):

  • The Small Things Blog - Many of you know Kate and her small things. (Hehehe.) Kate is a good friend of mine that I met in 2005. I hate to brag, but I was her first friend in NC and brought her to TwentySomething where she met her husband, Justin. ;) Kate blogs about hair, fashion, cats, and the small things.
  • From My Grey Desk Blog - If you know Kate, you know Lauren (and vice versa). Lauren is my other favorite blonde. We call her Stu. I hate to brag again, but I helped convince her to move to NC to go to college. Okay, only sorta. Lauren blogs about beauty, fashion, cats, and life.
  • The Baloney Bug - I met Joan in 12th grade when we sat next to each other in Photography III. We used to share Cheetos and sneak off to the bathroom to send text messages for each other. (There was no reception in the classroom.) Joan blogs about her husband, dog, and their newest addition, baby Adelaide Jean!
  • From Crap Shack to Home - This is my friend Beth's blog. It documents the process of buying a fixer upper house and well, fixing it up! I've thoroughly enjoyed visiting her and her carpenter boyfriend, Clay, and seeing the process they've made. They are almost finished!
These aren't the only blogs that I read, but they are definitely ones I follow the most. :) I'm as consistent with following as I am with blogging...but hey, I try my best!

the Bride