Friday, May 3, 2013


Hive Five for Friday! #h54f
  1. What's better than a beautiful bouquet of hydrangeas? A beautiful FREE bouquet of hydrangeas!
  2. Inspired by The Lauren Elizabeth, I am in luv with this adorable and comfy outfit. 
  3. Spent the day in Wilmington with the future hubs. So glad the rain stopped just in time.
  4. Dinner at Elijah's on The Riverwalk consisted of a delicious plate of steamed crab legs.
  5. Snuggled this cutie with an adorable lion cut last night. (His name is Loki.)


  1. Hello! Just stopping over from Lauren's High Five for Friday link up. Your cat is adorable and I love his name :)

    1. Thanks Sam! Loki is actually one of my coworker's cats. :)