Sunday, May 19, 2013

What NOT to wear...

While not everyone will agree with my opinions, I have decided to write about what I consider to be inappropriate wedding guest attire. (Personally, I think I've earned the right since I am a year away from earning my doctorate in fashion. *Wink*) For the most part, I very much agree with this post by TLC. I've also added a few points of my own.

What NOT To Wear: Inappropriate Wedding Guest Attire
  • A White Dress -- This includes anything ivory, cream, or off-white. Traditionally, the idea is to avoid wearing anything that could mistake you for (or upstage) the bride. While there are many cute off-white sheath dresses, I personally would just avoid wearing any kind of white/cream/ivory/off-white dress. It is the bride's time to shine, and it is important not to take attention away from her. I once attended a wedding where the mother of the groom wore white. I specifically remember the bride complaining about this. There are so many other colors to choose from, so why risk disrespecting the bride (or causing other guests to talk)?
This same dress comes in different colors! Skip the ivory; go for the coral.

  • All Black -- Although more people are starting to wear black to weddings, I would personally not wear all black. Black is traditionally considered a color of disapproval or grieving. If you must wear black, save it for an evening or black-tie affair, and pair it with a colorful cardigan or shawl. Remember, this ain't a funeral!
You can brighten up a LBD with a colorful cardigan.

  • Jeans/T-shirts/Flip-Flops/Sneakers - Unless casual dress is specified, I would avoid these items. And guys, please wear a tie. You can skip the jacket, but at least wear the tie.

  • Anything Skimpy/Revealing/Risqué - This includes anything low-cut, too short, see-through, or too tight. I'd also reconsider wearing super high heels. Again, you don't want to wear anything that draws attention away from the bride. Also, some places of worship actually frown upon anything sleeveless. And though you may not have the same (religious) beliefs as the happy couple, it's important to be respectful. I would just play it safe and bring a cardigan.
The fit and length of the skirt on the left is just much more appropriate (and flattering) than the mini on the right.
Cover up an (otherwise) revealing dress with a cardigan. Avoid shoes: a) you cant walk in, and/or b) give people the wrong idea.

  • Open-toed Shoes with Pantyhose or Stockings -- This is actually just a general pet-peeve of mine. Seriously, nobody wants to see your toe seam!
You don't have to wear pantyhose anymore. And if you insist on wearing it, consider the toe-less kind, or closed-toe shoes.

When in doubt, ask the bride. I'm sure she'd be more than happy to fill you in on the dress code!

the Bride


  1. I seriously see way too many people wearing hose with open toe sandals. Thank you thank you thank you for bringing that up. X.x