Saturday, June 15, 2013


My future niece
, Lake, will be undergoing open-heart surgery at 7:00am PST on Monday, June 17 to correct a congenital heart defect. Please keep her--as well as her parents, friends, and family--in your thoughts and prayers as they prepare for, undergo, and recover from the surgery. Photos supporting baby Lake are welcome! #PrayingForLake :)

Lake will be put on heart/lung bypass during surgery. A synthetic patch will be placed over the larger hole in her heart, and the smaller hole will be sewn closed. The surgery is expected to take 3-4 hours and she will then be transferred to Peds ICU. Hospital stay is expected to be 3-7 days.

Lake's mom has requested the following specific prayers:

  • That all systems of her body will recover quickly and seamlessly from the shock of surgery and from being placed on a heart/lung bypass machine. 
  • That the electrical impulses in the heart will resume in complete order and perfect sync, so that there will be NO need for a short- or long-term pacemaker. 
  • Protection over her health before the surgery and throughout the recovery process. 
  • Wisdom for nurses as they manage her pain. 
  • Grace, joy, strength, and good sleep for the rest of us.
And I have added the following: Pray for wisdom and guidance to be bestowed upon the surgeons, doctors, and team as they operate on and care for baby girl.


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