Sunday, October 13, 2013

One week...and I'm freaking out about the weather.

I haven't worried this much about the weather since I was 13 years old, when I was worried I wouldn't be able to go to Wyandot Lake with my best friend (and Matron of Honor), Emily. Now I am (not quite) 30 years old, and I am checking the 10-day forecast every few hours to see if the weather's changed. Yesterday it was a 30% chance of rain. Today one forecast said 60% and another said 50%. 

I know that forecasts this far out aren't always the most accurate, but it literally is rain-free every other day of the week. Come on!

I also must confess I don't have (much of) a rain plan. I've had my heart set on this outdoor Pergola Garden ceremony since I was a little girl. It's actually one of the only things I dreamed of as a little girl about my wedding: getting married outside in a garden...oh, and walking down the aisle to a guy with a beard. :)

My doctor prescribed me Xanax for this last month since I haven't slept and have been having panic attacks regularly. It hasn't helped...which is why I'm awake at 5:07am when I have to work today. Luckily it's my last day of work, and then I will have Monday-Friday off before the Rehearsal on Saturday. 

If you pray, or are willing to pray, please pray for nice weather next weekend for our wedding...and for peace and trust, and no stress for me. I am trying not to worry about something that is out of my control, and trust that God will make the weather and day the way it's supposed to be. It's just hard for me not to stress, and panic, and get anxious, and freak out, and did I mention get anxious, and panic, and stress, and freak out?

Anyway, on another note...I wanted to share some photos of my darling ribbon bouquet that I will use for the Rehearsal. It is made of ribbons, tissue paper, decor, and even the blue lining (of a gift box) from my Bridal Shower. Most of the original ribbons and bows somehow got lost, so I had to get creative with what was left of them!

I love the purple wrapped "stems" and the long streamers. Every girl deserves streamers!
Those are blue yo-yo flowers made from the lining of a gift box, as well as flowers made from tissue paper, and purple satin rosettes made from ribbon. There's also a number of white ribbon bows, tulle, ribbon streamers, and some of the gorgeous paper flowers that my other Matron of Honor, Tammy, made for the Bridal Shower.

I had my final dress fitting with Olga, my seamstress. I am so happy I was able to get my appointments with her. I called nearly a year in advance, as she is the most sought-after wedding dress seamstress in the area, and books up very very quickly. She does just beautiful work on bustles. I have never been a fan of bustles that look like someone literally took the train and tacked it onto the bride's behind. She creates bustles that look like skirts. They literally look like the dress was supposed to be made that way. Here are a few examples:

This one is my favorite. It literally just looks like the dress was made that way (bustled).

Unfortunately for my bridesmaids, my bustle has 18 points. However, I actually plan on bustling the dress myself. Olga suggested I take a potty break after the ceremony, bustle my dress, and then put it back on. I'm thinking that's what I'll end up doing since there's a changing facility I can use. My wedding planner, Priscilla, and photographer, Brian, are also excellent and very experienced with all sorts of I may be asking them for help if I need it! 

Before I left, Olga wished me love, health, and happiness..."because everything else, you can buy." Haha. Then her cat, Big Fat Killer Ninja Kitty, made an appearance to wish me a happy wedding day too.

Big Fat Killer Ninja Kitty weighs 18 lb. (which is more than my dog, Noah). Also, at my very first fitting, he decided to squeeze himself into my Jimmy Choo box, which I (begrudgingly) let him do.

Anyway, I guess I better try to get some sleep before work tomorrow. Oh my goodness...ONE MORE WEEK!!!

the (anxious and exhausted) Bride


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