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I Do: The Wedding Weekend - Part 1

Guess what! I'm a married woman. Just call me Mrs.! :)

I have been both looking forward to and dreading writing this post. Part of me wants to document every detail of the entire weekend, but part of me knows it's going to take forever :) I am going to break this up into separate posts to keep things concise.

On Thursday morning, I picked up my best friend (and one of the Matrons of Honor), Emily, whom I have known since 4th grade. We spent the rest of the morning and afternoon shopping at The Streets of Southpoint before heading to a salon for some eyebrow threading and waxing. The next day, Emily took me to The Spa at Fearrington for some much needed R&R and girl time. We had pedicures and massages before enjoying a quick lunch at The Granary. We were on a bit of a time crunch though to get back in time for my Bachelorette Party, but Em did let me stop to play with the oreo cows.

This is the first time I had a pedicure in a galvanized tub with milk bath. So neat, and the space was gorgeous. To quote Emily, it looked like a page right out of the Restoration Hardware catalog.
I was in love with the decor.
Here was my massage room, which was also really large, luxurious, and unique. I fell asleep during the second half of the massage, which is saying a lot for this stressed out, insomniac of a bride.
Emily and I bought bought this souvenir glass from The Granary. I mean, who wouldn't want a glass with an oreo cow on it?!
Last stop: oreo cows!

My parents had also come in that evening, but we only had a few minutes to talk to them, as we were running late for the Bachelorette. We finally got ready and met everyone at Bia Restaurant on Glenwood South. It was the exact swanky, classy location I wanted, and it was fun to spend time with Emily, Tammy, Melody, Alicia, Brittany, Martha, and Kelsey. After a tapas style dinner, Melody and Alicia had to head home, but the rest of us went next door to C. Grace where we enjoyed the theatrical, burlesque style atmosphere before calling it a night. Then I spent the rest of the night organizing and packing wedding items and trying not to freak out before crashing on the couch. We had a full house with my parents in my bedroom, Tammy and Emily sharing the guest room, and the two dogs. 

Back (left to right): Alicia (bm), Brittany (bm), Kelsey, Melody (bm).
Front (left to right): Emily (MoH), me (bride), Tammy (MoH), Martha
Back (left to right): Alicia (bm), Brittany (bm), Kelsey, Melody (bm).
Front (left to right): Emily (MoH), me (bride), Tammy (MoH), Martha

The next morning, my parents and Tammy went their separate ways to run errands and take care of pre-wedding things (picking up my brother, etc.) while Emily took me to my chiropractor where we found out I likely had bruised (but thankfully not fractured) my ribcage (in a near car accident a couple nights before). After that, we went to the nail salon so I could get a much needed manicure. Then we went back home, arranged a quick meeting with Seth and David, who came by with the Kikers' box truck which held the 26 benches we hand-made for the ceremony seating, and packed up the rest of the boxes of ceremony and reception decor. Then Emily and I finished getting ready for not only the rehearsal that evening but also finished packing up all the personal things I needed (wedding items, honeymoon luggage, etc.) and loaded it all into the car before arriving (half an hour late) to the rehearsal. 

Emily suggested I get something fun on my ring finger, so this is what I did. :)

David's dad, David, Seth, and Alicia had already spent much of the day decorating the ceremony location (placing the benches, shepherd's hooks, and decorating the pergola). It was already looking quite beautiful when I arrived. I had a brief freak out moment when some of the accommodations with wedding party/family members went awry, but after that, we were able to start working on ceremony preparation with our wedding planner's assistants, Sharon and Susan. Sharon walked us through the ceremony lineup and schedule, and then we went through the ceremony with our pastor, Jason. Just as we were wrapping up, it started raining...luckily the Nelsons had brought enough tarps to cover all the benches as well as the decorated part of the pergola.

Noah (ring bearer) taking a break on one of the benches we built.
Here are the 26 benches we built and stained with the help of the Kikers, Michael (best man), and Brittany (bm).
Baby Lake (9 months) hanging out at the rehearsal! 
Izzy (3 years) and Uncle Cameron (gm) at the rehearsal.

After the rehearsal, we went to the Mid Pines Inn & Golf Club for our rehearsal dinner on The Terrace hosted by David's wonderful parents.

The Mid Pines Inn & Golf Club

The Menu

Baby Greens with Cucumbers, Grape Tomatoes
choice of dressing

Traditional Meatloaf 
roasted tomato demi glaze
Chicken Carbonara
fettuccine with a carbonara sauce topped with grilled chicken

Sautéed Asparagus
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes


Vanilla Ice Cream
Groom's Cake
yellow cake with raspberry filling
Freshly Brewed 100% Columbian Blend Coffee

After dinner, we enjoyed the lovely groom's cake that his mother and I had made for David. It was in the shape of a pirate ship, to celebrate David (and my) alma mater, ECU. Arrrgh!

Miah's Cakes did an amazing job on the groom's cake! 
Thank you to Moriah of Miah's Cakes!

Izzy loved the cake!
It was supposed to be "purple and gold" on the inside.
Cake and ice cream!

The dinner was such a lovely way for our families to all meet one another at the same time and to really get to know one another. After dessert, the Nelsons led a sweet time where family and friends shared endearing stories and memories about both David and I. It was truly a lovely evening.

Baby Edwin loved the automatic piano.
Love my sweet parents and brother!
Bride and groom. He picked out his shirt and tie himself! :) 
...and also his socks and shoes.

That night, my immediate family (except my brother) went to stay at the Pine Gables of Aberdeen Bed & Breakfast, other friends/family went to nearby hotels, and David's immediate family, the wedding party, David, and I went back to the Magnolia Inn where we were staying. I spent a short amount of time with some of the family/cousins in The Pub, before taking a short walk with David around the Village of Pinehurst in the quiet of the night. It was fun to spend some alone time with him before I had to leave him at midnight (or fear turning into a pumpkin!) We snuck into one of the closed dining rooms and practiced our (secret) first dance one last time before saying goodnight.

The Pub at The Magnolia Inn

Then Emily and I headed back to our room (The Page) where we giggled, talked, snacked, and then I tried my hardest to get some sleep before the next day.

Next post: I Do: The Wedding Weekend - Part 2 (The Ceremony).

the Bride


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