Thursday, March 13, 2014

Orangerie Events blog feature

I am so excited to share Priscilla's blog post about our wedding today...but more than that, I encourage you to read and marinate on the words of her post. "My inability to verbalize spiteful or harmful words isn’t a weakness at all. Words are powerful. They don’t bounce – they stick...My honest prayer is that I use my words wisely. To think before speaking. To not judge someone because they sin differently than I do. To let them marinate before I just spit them out. To remember that if they are going to stick to someone, let them be words of encouragement, positivity and empowerment. Let my words do good and not damage. If what I have to say isn’t kind or delivered in a gentle manner, then let me be quiet."

These are such powerful, truthful, and enlightening words that I am taking to heart today. I am marinating on them today, taking them to heart and praying for them to apply to me and my life.

the Bride


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