Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Owl always love you.

I have always had a thing for owls. Growing up, I remember playing outside and hearing their melancholy calls...there was just something about them that I could relate to. With their increasing popularity, I have been able to add some really fun and beautiful pieces to my collection. 

For Christmas, David got me some really cute things, one of which was this Snowy Owl Spoon Rest from World Market. You can imagine my devastation when I accidentally dropped it on the floor and it shattered. It was a seasonal piece that ended up being sold out in stores and online. I ended up settling for this whimsical piece from Pier 1.

Who can resist an Owl Spoon Rest in mint green?
Yesterday I got a lovely little coupon in my inbox from World Market. I didn't need anything, but on a whim, decided to browse their website. Imagine my surprise when I came across my beloved Spoon Rest in aqua! I was overjoyed and decided to head over to the store before my hair appointment at noon. 

I quickly found it in the kitchen supplies and decided to purchase the 2 that were on the shelf. (Doesn't hurt to have a back up!) I also spotted this Aqua Silicone Whisk to match for only $3.99. (I have been looking for a silicone whisk that's safe to use with our pots and pans). With my 10% off coupon, I felt like I had hit the jackpot--and I even made it to my hair appointment with 4 minutes to spare! :)

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