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Guest Post: Fabulous bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts

Meet Ann
Today's guest post is brought to you by Ann Harris of Beauty Makeup Online. Ann lives in Melbourne, Australia with her lovely husband and two beautiful children. She loves to write about love, relationships, beauty, weddings, DIY, and more. 

David and I both struggled with finding the perfect bridal party gifts. I ended up giving each bridesmaid a robe, slippers, and wedding day jewelry in a jewelry pouch. David was more personable and found different gifts for each groomsen including a vintage pipe holder, DVD set, and computer gadget. He also included the pocket square and fun dress socks to wear at the ceremony.

For those of you looking for some unique ideas, Ann has come up with a list of the 7 fabulous gifts for both bridesmaids and groomsmen! 

the Bride

7 Fabulous Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Gifts

Picking out a gift for someone is hard enough, but it gets even more challenging when you have to shop for several bridesmaids and groomsmen who have varying tastes and personalities. For soon-to-be married couples who are stuck and cannot figure out what to give their dear friends as a token of appreciation for helping celebrate their union below are excellent suggestions.

Bridesmaids Gifts

Certificate for a Spa Weekend
There is no woman who would turn down three days and two nights of mind-numbing pampering, especially when it is free. Brides usually invite their closest female friends to their wedding so giving the girls the pampering of a lifetime is always a winner. The spa certificates can be for the same package, or you may also opt for varied treatments to suit the preferences of each bridesmaid.

Among the most popular treatments include rejuvenating facials, deep tissue massage, detox salt baths, and mineral mud wrapping. Any of these treatments would certainly be appreciated by your bridesmaids.

Dalton Blue Note by Crane & Co
Personalized Scented Stationery
If your bridesmaids still subscribe to the merits of putting pen on paper and leaving quick notes as opposed to text messaging, a set of personalized stationery would make for a great gift. 

Certain high-end stationery stores (many of which can be found online) can create lovely scents specifically for stationery, and you even get to pick from a wide array of fragrances.

Classy Clutch Bags
There are very few women in the world who would turn down a free bag, especially one that is one-of-a-kind. Classy clutches would definitely count as a very thoughtful gift your bridesmaids, especially if they can be used for casual as well as formal events. The clutch bags can come in any color, shape, size, and accents (i.e., sequins etc.). 

Added bonus: You can pick out something that your bridesmaids can bring to the wedding.

Gift Certificate for Cooking Classes
Many women love to cook, and some would like to hone their culinary skills. A gift certificate for cooking classes (especially those taught by celebrity chefs) would be such a great gift for one or all your bridesmaids.

Kimonos by SunsetToSunrise
Monogrammed Robes
Decadence takes on many forms, one of which is a terrycloth or silk robe that is soft and luxurious to the touch. Online specialty stores offer monogramming, which would make the gift all the more special. 

Added bonus: You can take some cute bridesmaid photos while you're "getting ready" in your matching robes.

Scented Tranquility Candles
If you prefer to pamper your bridesmaids in the comfort of their own home, aromatic candles would make a fine gift. You may also opt for a package that includes essential oils, potpourri, and many other sweet-smelling goodies.

Necklaces by JewerlyByRMSmith.
Engraved Jewelry
Brides want their bridesmaids gifts to be as memorable as possible, and nothing can be more appealing than a piece of jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, earrings). Engraving is an option especially if you are getting the same item for all bridesmaids. 

Added bonus: You can pick out something you'd like your bridesmaids to wear for the ceremony! (That's one less thing they have to pay for.)

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Microbrew of the Month Membership
A lot of guys like a good beer, and some of them prefer microbrews. A microbrew of the month membership (usually 6 months to one year) would be greatly appreciated by your male comrades, perhaps even more than a very expensive bottle of Scotch.

Tickets to a Sporting Event
If one or more of your male friends likes sports, tickets to see their favorite team would be an excellent gift. Ideas include: football, golf, hockey, basketball, baseball, and racing. If you can afford it, try to get excellent seats so that they really feel part of the action.

Personalized Beer Mugs
If your friends love beer, they would certainly appreciate a personalized beer mug. Wooden mugs are a tip of the hat to old speakeasies and the tradition of drinking beer at the end of a particularly grueling work day...or you may prefer a etched glass stein.

Skeleton Pocket Watch
by Things Remembered
Monogrammed Pocket Watches
Not a lot of grooms can afford to gift Rolex watches, so personalized pocket watches are the next best thing. 

This kind of timepiece may be outdated by any standard, but it is certainly novel to have on hand. Men do appreciate excellent timepieces, even those that cost about $50-$100.

Added bonus: You can have your groomsmen wear their watches if you're doing a vintage theme.

Laser Tag Tickets
Grown men who still enjoy childhood activities would definitely like laser tag tickets. This provides the groom a choice of getting together with friends after the wedding. This is quite a fun gift and one that almost no one would turn down. Other ideas include miniature golf or go-karts.

A Day on the Track
If one or several of your groomsmen like to race, a track day would do very well as a token. Some track racing packages even provide a choice of cars, from run-of-the-mill Japanese cars, to exotic cars such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Maseratis.

Swiss Army Midnite MiniChamp
Swiss Army Knife
A Swiss Army Knife is something both practical and nostalgic. These multi-tools are indispensable and useful. Besides the typical knife blade, they may also include the following: scissors, screwdriver, bottle opener, light, nail file, keychain, and pen.

Some come in different colors and may have the option for engraving.

When choosing gifts for your bridal party, it is always ideal to factor in the personality and interest of each individual. While there are generic gifts available, it pays to go the extra mile so as to convey the couple’s gratitude for sharing in their very special day.


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