Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Why I don't shave anymore...

In March, I saw a TV commercial for the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X and was immediately intrigued by the possibility of never having to shave my legs again. I was impressed with the positive reviews I read online, but was not impressed with the price. I constantly hear radio ads and see Groupon deals for laser treatments, but upon further research, I would discover that for permanent results, it would require multiple (costly) treatment sessions. When I was researching the Tria, I kept seeing (positive) reviews for the Silk'n Flash&Go. What was even more appealing about the Flash&Go was the price. After reading tons of reviews and price-matching, I found a great deal at Bed, Bath, & Beyond by using a 20% off coupon as well as Ebates.

I did my first Flash&Go treatment on March 22nd and repeated it every 2 weeks for a total of 4 treatments. I am now on Treatments 5-7 (which are planned for 4 weeks apart) before moving onto Treatments 8+ (as needed). After the first 2-3 treatments, I saw a big difference in the slowing of hair growth. After only 2 months, I am seeing minimal hair growth, and shaving my legs maybe once every 2-3 weeks to get rid of any "stubble" I feel. I am ecstatic with the results and can't wait until I can finally throw my razor away!

If you hate shaving or waxing, I highly recommend investing in the Silk'n Flash&Go. I feel like it was money well spent and I am very satisfied with my purchase. A few things to keep in mind before making the investment:

  1. It is not recommended for darker complexions. (I am Asian and do tan easily, but my actual complexion is not very dark). According to the website FAQ, "Do not use Flash&Go on naturally dark complexion. Flash&Go removes unwanted hair by selectively addressing hair pigment. Varied quantities of pigment also exist in the surrounding tissue of skin. The quantity of pigment in a particular person's skin, which is manifested by their skin complexion, determines the degree of risk they are exposed to using Flash&Go. Treating dark skin can result in adverse effects such as burns, blisters, and skin color changes (hyper- or hypo-pigmentation)."
  2. It works best on dark hair. I have dark brown/black hair. "Treatments work best on darker hair types or hair that contains more melanin. Melanin is the pigment that gives hair and skin color, and absorbs light energy. Black and dark brown respond the best, although brown and light brown hairs will also respond, but typically require more treatments. Red may show some response. White, grey or blonde hairs usually don't respond as well to treatments."
  3. Be prepared to purchase extra lamp cartridges. Each lamp cartridge is supposed to contain 5,000 pulses/flashes. The kit came with 2 cartridges (for a total of 5,000 flashes). I was able to do 5+ treatments on my lower legs and underarms before having to switch to the 2nd cartridge. Fortunately, I am not a very "hairy" person to begin with and only have to shave my lower legs, so that probably let me get a lot more sessions out of the individual cartridges (vs. someone who has to treat their upper legs). I am also pretty short, so have a smaller area to treat than someone who is taller.
  4. Be prepared. It's not completely painless. I use the 2nd to lowest setting because I did get some irritation the first time I used it. If my skin feels extra sensitive, I just turn it down lower. Flash&Go is said to be safe for your eyes but I think it's wise to invest in a pair of safety glasses that are approved for IPL use. (Your eyes and vision are priceless and it's better to be safe than sorry!)
Feel free to ask me any questions about my experience with the Silk'n Flash&Go! I'll do my best to answer them. And for you brides out there, wouldn't this be a great pre-wedding gift to yourselves? :)

the Bride

I was not compensated for this post. I decided to write about my experience with the Silk'n Flash&Go after seeing great results. 


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