the Bride

Disclaimer. This is probably the 100th blog I've started. (I'm no good at keeping blogs.) This is evident in the number of journals and diaries I've accumulated since I was a little girl that have a total of one entry each. 

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Meet the Bride Wife. I'm Dorothy. I'm getting married I got married in October 2013. I am both loving (and loathing) I both loved (and sometimes loathed) planning my wedding. David is my sweet fiance husband. Together we have a Golden Retriever named Emery, and  two Chinese Cresteds named Noah and Lamb. (Shout out to my cat, Gus, who lives with my parents.) I am a full-time graduate student working on my doctorate in fashion. I also work part-time at an emergency vet hospital. I love God, dogs, shoes, music, fashion, and photography. Oh, and I'm addicted to Diet Coke.

Why the Blog?have decided to chronicle the up and down journey of wedding planning as a means of communication and reflection. I wanted to offer other brides who are going through the same trials and tribulations as I am was, a place to come, to relate, to comment, and to laugh. I also wanted this blog to serve as a means for myself to remain sane, to vent, to cheer and to get excited, and more importantly, I wanted it to serve as a means to remember--especially when now that big day has finally come and gone.

Updated 12.15.13  Now that I am married, I will continue blogging about wedding-related things, but at the same time, I want to incorporate my married life into the content. After all, being a bride means becoming a wife. :)


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